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SHOP ︎ Spiral passage collection

The Spiral passage is a collection inspired by the ancient symbols and meaning connected to the spiral. Movements between the inner (intuitive, intangible) world and the outer (matter, manifested) world are mapped by the spiraling of archetypal rings; marking the evolution of humankind on both an individual and collective scale.

SHOP ︎ Searching Gaia collection

The search for GAIA is an ongoing project that explore poetic passages through image, jewellery and sound. By using varities of gemtsones, shell and other treasures this collection creates jewellery erratically –in constant track of transformation and processes.

SHOP ︎the Classic collection

This collection is inspired by everyday rituals and how jewellery can become part of our daily rutines and living. The pieces have a raw and organic expression to mark their presense as they mold into our silhouettes and identity. A timeless collection for all gender and vessels.

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